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the Block Theme,
for having a fun with FSE.

This website is built using only Cormorant, Site Editor and Block Editor.


Many Styles

Cormorant has over 120 variational block styles.

Fluid Typography

Cormorant has fluid font size which is enables font sizes to adapt to changes in screen size.

Enough Patterns

Has over 50 block patterns is made for Cormorant. You can take them in many usecase.

Colors & Styles

Set 6 brand colors in default and including 9 different color preset global styles.

30 Gradients

Generated 30 gradients from 6 brand colors for you.

Bundle UD Fonts

Bundled universal design web font for reading text more easily.

How to use?

You can download below or install on WordPress dashboard.


How to contact?

You can contact to me by 3 ways.

If you have any issues about Cormorant, please make new issue on GitHub repository.