How to use Cormorant from zero

I’ll show you how to use Cormorant from zero which means just WordPress 6.1 installed complete.

Let’s go!

Current screen

It’s time just finished installing WordPress 6.1.

You are in Admin on your own WordPress. Then hover Appearance to click Themes, and click.

Install Cormorant

Now you don’t have Cormorant probably. So we are going to install Cormorant.

Click to Add New button to find themes or uploading theme file.

Maybe the thumbnail image is different from the current one.

Input “Cormorant” to search form on right top. So you can find Cormorant, and click Install button. Later click Activate.

The Cormotant installation is now complete.

Have a look

So, you can see like this screen capture, if you access your web site top page.

This is so simple as you see. Don’t worry. Cormorant has many block patterns for your customize. You can start customizing so quick.

More Tips?

Useful information on customising Cormorant can be found on our blog, see the Tips category. For example are…