This page introduces the main features of Cormorant, a 100% GPL WordPress Block Theme.

The theme prioritises the fearless incorporation of the latest WordPress features. Therefore, it is subject to updates, including disruptive changes.

However, I always want to keep the theme in a way that you can enjoy Full Site Editing in WordPress. We hope you’ll try Cormorant, and enjoy Full Site Editing on WordPress.

Font Sizing

Font Size 4-XL

Font Size 3-XL

Font Size 2-XL

Font Size XL

Font Size L

Font Size M

Font Size S

Font Size XS

Space Sizing

Padding: 4XL

Padding: 3XL

Padding: 2XL

Padding: XL

Padding: L

Padding: M

Padding: L

Padding: 0

Block Styles


You can change stripe/dot/dash color by changing text color.


Primary color
Secondary color


Tertiary color


Quaterary color



Solid Shadow

Blur Shadow


You can change Solid/Blur Shadow’s color by changing text color.

Solid Shadow

Blur Shadow


Foreground to Background

Foreground to Primary

Foreground to Secondary

Foreground to Tertiary

Foreground to Quaternary

Background to Foreground

Background to Primary

Background to Secondary

Background to Tertiary

Background to Quatenary

Primary to Foreground

Primary to Background

Primary to Secondary

Primary to Tertinary

Primary to Quaternary

Secondary to Foreground

Secondary to Background

Secondary to Primary

Secondary to Tertinary

Secondary to Quaternary

Tertiary to Foreground

Tertiary to Background

Tertiary to Primary

Tertiary to Secondary

Tertiary to Quaternary

Quaternary to Foreground

Quaternary to Background

Quaternary to Primary

Quaternary to Secondary

Quaternary to Tertiary


Duotone is set up in WordPress 6.1 with a filter consisting of CSS custom property values derived from the theme.json, which is the base of the theme, so that overriding the color palette from Global Style will not change it.

Sample Image

Foreground to Background

Sample Image

Foreground and Primary

Sample Image

Foreground and Secondary

Sample Image

Foreground and Tertiary

Sample Image

Foreground and Quaternary

Sample Image

Background and Foreground

Sample Image

Background and Primary

Sample Image

Background and Secondary

Sample Image

Background and Tertiary

Sample Image

Background and Quaternary

Sample Image

Primary and Foreground

Sample Image

Primary and Background

Sample Image

Primary and Secondary

Sample Image

Primary and Tertiary

Sample Image

Primary and Quaternary

Sample Image

Secondary and Foreground

Sample Image

Secondary and Background

Sample Image

Secondary and Primary

Sample Image

Secondary and Tertiary

Sample Image

Secondary and Quaternary

Sample Image

Tertiary and Foreground

Sample Image

Tertiary and Background

Sample Image

Tertiary and Primary

Sample Image

Tertiary and Secondary

Sample Image

Tertiary and Quaternary

Sample Image

Quaternary and Foreground

Sample Image

Quaternary and Background

Sample Image

Quaternary and Primary

Sample Image

Quaternary and Secondary

Sample Image

Quaternary and Tertiary