This page introduces the main features of Cormorant, a 100% GPL WordPress Block Theme.

The theme prioritises the fearless incorporation of the latest WordPress features. Therefore, it is subject to updates, including disruptive changes.

However, I always want to keep the theme in a way that you can enjoy Full Site Editing in WordPress. We hope you’ll try Cormorant, and enjoy Full Site Editing on WordPress.

Bundled Block Styles

Cormorant block styles

Cormorant has over 120 block style in default.

  • core/separator
    • Striped
    • Dotted
    • Dashed
  • core/image
    • Striped background
  • core/heading
    • Striped
    • Dotted
    • Dashed
  • core/group
    • Solid shadow
    • Blue shadow
  • core/query-pagination
    • Block
    • Circle
  • core/code
    • Colored background
  • core/button
    • Filled square
    • Outline square
  • core/column
    • Shadow
  • core/query
    • Blur shadow
    • Solid shadow
    • Solid line
  • core/gallery
    • Striped background
    • Solid background
  • core/post-navigation-link
    • Block
    • Circle
  • core/pullquote
    • Big quote mark
    • Small quote mark

In the future, in some cases, I am considering about replacing block style to block variation.

Cormorant has page-sample-page.html template file. So sample block pattern’s page is automatically displayed on named as Sample page created when WordPress is installed.

If you don’t need it, delete page-sample-page.html in templates in the site editor.

Fluid Typography

Fluid Typography System has started in WordPress 6.1 and I decided to use as soon as possible. Font unit was designed by REM changing as a modular scale.

Bundled Block Patterns

Cormorant has over 50 block patten in default. You can make pages so quicky.

if the design is not your favorite, don’t worry. You can use block pattern for your base to create your ideal design.

Brand Colors & Global Styles

6 brand colors are available to you.

If there colors aren’t loved from you, you can choice your favorite color in case by case.

Or you can be replaced by changing global style in site editor. Of caurse, 9 more global styles are available.

Generated Gradients

Generated 30 patterns of gradients by brand colors.

And if you change color preset by changing global style, there will be generated automatically by selected global style.

UD Fonts Available

Cormorant is bundled “BIZ UDOGothic” universal designed fonts.

BIZ UD Gothic is a universal design typeface designed to be easy to read and ideal for education and business documentation.


It could be selected to ensure high visibility, especially in languages that use Kanji characters, such as Japanese.

I hoped that this system can be used for those who have difficulty in recognising many characters.

Font & Spaceing Scale

In default, 10 font sizes, 7 space unit scale including. You can use them for creating your favorite design with block editor.

I hope some parts of Cormorant will help for your building website.